A game created for Ludum Dare 38. (The theme was "A small world".)

This is a fight to the death for two pixels trapped in a 640x200 CGA world. The first pixel to shrink to zero pixels is the winner, or the first pixel to grow to 200 pixels is the loser.

Listen for clues. If you hear "up", you'll want to bounce off the top wall to shrink in size. Be careful though - every time you bang into the wrong wall, you'll grow.

The game is open source at https://github.com/leereilly/PIXEL-DUEL. Pull requests are welcome if you'd like to make it better. Can't really get any worse! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pixel 1 controls:

  • W - move forward (guess which way forward is)
  • A - rotate clockwise
  • D - rotate anti-clockwise

Pixel 2 controls:

  • - move forward (guess which way forward is)
  • - rotate clockwise
  • - rotate anti-clockwise


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:(  please fix this it looks cool

isn't loading :sad:

Looks fun, but won't load U_U